Brad, Erin, Kenna & Ashlyn

Thursday, July 21, 2011

sUn RiVeR

We took our annual trip to Sun River again this year. Brad has to go for a convention every year. We went up the weekend before and had a family vacation. The girls just love it in Sun River - there is so much to do. We went rafting down the river, horseback riding, swimming in the big pool, playing in the river, bumper cars, and so much more. This year we let the girl get feathers in their hair - it is the "in thing". Kenna chose a long red one & a pink one. Ashlyn chose an orange one & some sparkly tinsel. They were so excited!! One of the companies Brad does business with has a family bar-b-que every year to kick off the start of the convention. They always have fun games for the kids to play and face painting. Kenna chose to be a Vampire-dog-bunny - or something like that. Ashlyn went for the full on dragon tattoo up the arm. We also love to go every year because we get to spend so much time with our friends. Uncle Kevin, Miss Heidi & her boys Hank & Albert stayed with us. In the 2 houses next to us were the Rouse family & the Ivanoff Family - Theo & Jennifer were just a bit further down. We can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Thanks Ingrid for having a much needed girls night with me at Portland City Grill. I had a lot of fun. Let's do it again soon - Cheers!!


As most of you know - I have been struggling with my weight for years. I have tried every diet out there & nothing worked for me. I am happy to say as of today I hit my goal plus 3 extra pounds. My goal was to lose 40 pounds before we went on our trip to Sun River - I lost 43 pounds!! Woo Hoo!! How did I do it finally? We have changed the way we eat. We no longer eat processed food and we eat a lot of organic meats, vegetables and fruit. I read the book the Primal Blueprint my Mark Sisson (Thanks Spencer). What he has to say is so true - go back and eat the way our ancestors did. I will admit - it was hard to give up the bread for the first couple of week - I do love my turkey sandwiches. But I don't even miss it anymore. I love the way I look and feel - I have so much energy now. I am so much happier!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July. This year Auntie Julie and "Scottish Steve" came to visit us. We had so much fun. We went on a walk to the park and even took them by the house we are buying. We had a bar-b-que with Uncle Steve, Auntie Ana, Walter & Maggie. Jeff, Jeanne & Grace Rouse also came over. We had fun decorating patriotic cookies and of course Brad bought a ton of fireworks again this year, so we had a beautiful display. It just seems weird that this will be the last 4th of July i our old house.I wonder what it will be like next year. We are excited to find out - I just love the 4th of July.

Friday, July 1, 2011

jUlY bIrThDaYs

Happy Birthday to Kyle, Annika, & Grampy Lucas. We wish we could celebrate your special day with you all. Hugs & Kisses!