Brad, Erin, Kenna & Ashlyn

Friday, October 31, 2008

HaLLowEeN ..

Here are some pictures from our Halloween this year. Kenna was one of the new fairies from the Tinekerbell movies and Ashlyn was Ariel. We were lucky with the weather again this year, It rained off and on all day ... but was really nice tonight for the girls to go trick-or-treating. I have also included a picture of Brad's pumpkin this year. hope you all had a good and safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A TaG oF RaNdOmS ...

My lovely friend Becca tagged me to list 6 randoms things about myself...

1- I LOVE the smell of gasoline. I help mow the yard sometimes just so I will get the chance to fill the mower up if it runs out of gas and I can get a good whiff.

2- I LOVE to eat the pickled cabbage from Sakura of Tokyo in West Covina, California. I have searched every restaurant around here for it and can't find anyone who makes it the same way. I have my parents bring me 2 big tubs of it every time they come up. I can sit and eat one whole tub in one sitting.

3- I LOVE to watch Reality TV. I Tivo everything so I can go through them and watch without the commercials. It is ridiculous!

4- So the hair on my legs does not grow very fast and what does grow - there isn't much of. I sometimes pluck the hairs on my legs with tweezers. Courtney and Erin used to tease me about this growing up.

5- I have many subscriptions to multiple cooking magazines and I love to watch the Food Network and all shows about cooking. The weird thing is ... I NEVER cook.

6- Whenever I am exercising whether it be running on the treadmill, the elliptical, stairs or on the bike - I count. 100 times stepping on the right foot, 100 times stepping on the left foot, 100 times trading off feet and then I start the routine all over again. Is that OCD? I have always done this.

I have to tag my friends via e-mail because everyone I invited to start a Blog have not done so yet. So until I have more friends who Blog - I will just have to wait and do it this way. Have fun!!!

You're Invited to my Pitty Party!

So I went to the foot doctor yesterday ... I do not have a stress fracture ... I BROKE my foot in two places. Nice huh? I am now in a "cute" walking cast for the next three weeks. After that I get to wear these special inserts for both my shoes for the next six-nine months. On top of that, he said that I shouldn't be wearing any heels. Can you believe my luck? Now I have my stomach tear (which I find out if I will need surgery on next Friday) and my foot. I have never felt so old. Welcome to my pitty party!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All About Me!

Ok - So I got many messages from you asking what about me? Well - I didn't realize that almost everything I wrote was only about Brad and the girls. So here is what is new with me.
1. I have been concentrating on losing the "baby weight" that I gained six years ago when I got pregnant with Kenna. So far since April 1, 2008 I have lost 30+ pounds. I still have 20-25 pounds left to go to hit my goal.
2. I have been having problems with my big toe since May. I have a stress fracture and it has really been bothering me. I go to the foot doctor this Friday - I will keep you all posted on what is wrong.
3. I fell down the stairs on Sunday and hurt myself. I have been having pains in my stomach so I decided to go to the doctor yesterday to make sure everything is OK. So guess what - I have a tear in my ab muscle above my belly button. That means absolutely NO exercise for 10-14 days. Ugh - that just throws EVERYTHING off. What am I going to do?
4. I got my hair cut last week. I cut 6 inches off and I love it.
5. It seems like I am on the go all the time. I am busy with my doctor appointments, Kenna's doctor appointments, soccer practice & games, school and homework, then of course all the housework and laundry. Does it ever end? Thanks to everyone for asking about me ... I love you all too!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ashlyn's 4th Birthday

Our little girl turned 4 on October 14th. We had a birthday party for her at Plumper Pumpkin Patch. We had a great time. The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of friends and family there to help us celebrate her special day. We rented the greenhouse and the theme was Strawberry Shortcake and Tinkerbell (she couldn't choose just 1). Our friends came and got to go on the slides, pet the animals, go through the mazes, watch pumpkins being shot on a sling shot at old cars, go on the hay ride and we all got to go pick a pumpkin to take home with us.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust!

Kenna has lost another tooth. That makes all four teeth in the front gone. She pulled this last one out all by herself and didn't even realize it. We were at the pharmacy waiting for her perscription and the gal at the desk asked her if she wanted a tissue because she heard Kenna say that it was too slippery. She came over and handed me the tissue and I realized that there was blood on it - so I opened it and the tooth fell out, bounced off the counter onto the floor on the other side of the desk. The guy behind the desk had to crawl all over the floor to find it while Kenna was crying because she thought it was gone forever. She was worried that the toothfairy was not going to come. He found it and all was good again. That is except - Kenna cried all the way out the store "make it grow back, make it grow back right now!".